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2011 - ongoing / George Town Boardwalk /

This private initiative by 16 landowners for a boardwalk in George Town was conceived to provide pedestrian public space along the North Harbor Front and to string business together along one continuous strip. This part of town, with idyllic Caribbean views onto the ocean, is surprisingly inaccessible and dangerous for people on foot. A road shoulder provides little space to walk making this part of town inaccessible, negatively influencing the urbanism of an area with so much potential. Initially proposed to provide more foot-fall to business, this project has become a growing initiative to place-make along this vibrant street with a rich cultural and historical past.

As well as providing safety through the construction of a sidewalk, this project makes several contributions along this quarter-mile strip fronting water. These will include better automobile and pedestrian traffic flow, more footfall for businesses, an increase in the cruise visitor appreciation index, a lite historical education through a network of plaques and better commercial connectivity to name a few. With beautiful views onto the Caribbean Sea, this public space is designed to be an attractor for both locals and tourists alike. Shade and rest areas are provided as well as better access to a beach which is to operate like a park in the center of town.

Collaborators / CI Sheet Metal / Hill Construction / CI Government