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2016 / Affordable Housing /

Given the double-whammy of Hurricane Ivan (2005) and the great recession (2008), a young generation of Caymanian's have suffered from major financial crisis spanning almost a decade. Contrary to the offshore financial haven that these islands are portrayed to be, there has become a need for affordable housing, which isn't addressed by the local market.

By incorporating used containers into the structure of a building, construction costs can be nearly halved. Repurposing a shipping container can lead to substantial material savings (fa├žade and structure) and be put towards better land or towards your kid's college fund. As well as having financial benefits, 'upcycling' disused containers also has big environmental perks, reducing one's carbon footprint because of less concrete used. Building with shipping containers is financially and environmentally responsible and offers an new residential prototype that is both functional and modern-looking.

Three prototypes (The Beach house, Bungalow and Townhouse) are designed to accommodate the different island lifestyles and income brackets of the Caymans.